Area Association on Aging

The Area Agency on Aging, Region One, offers a large variety of programs and services that enhance the quality of life for residents of Maricopa County, Arizona. We advocate, plan, coordinate, develop and deliver services for adults aged 60+, adults aged 18+ with HIV/AIDS, adults aged 18+ with disabilities and long-term care needs, and family caregivers.

There are too many services to mention but respite care is often unknown to the caregiver.  The area association on aging will provide up to 12 hours per week in an approved day care facility or 8 hours of weekly home respite care from the associations approved list of caregivers or reimburse the family $12 per hour (up to 8 hours weekly) for the family’s chosen caregiver. For a list of services follow the link.

Arizona Caregiver Coalition

The Arizona Caregiver Coalition is a community-based, 501(c)3 organization that was founded to support and advocate for family caregivers in Arizona. The coalition was developed through the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging and serves a mandated role as part of the Arizona Lifespan Respite Program. The Coalition plays a vital role in facilitating and improving collaboration among fragmented nonprofits, government entities, and for profit enterprises. Our commitment is to caregivers of any type regardless of the medical reason for their caregiving role.

Respite Care allows you to take time off while your loved one is in someone else’s care.  This break is essential to maintaining a balanced life. You’ll be a better caregiver when you have time to recharge.

The biggest benefits of receiving respite are time to rejuvenate, catch up on sleep, pursue a hobby, time to build relationships with family or spouse, time to attend events like sports, arts, or worship, or time to run errands.

Family caregivers are often singularly focused on caring for their care recipient.  Consequently, the needs of the caregiver are often an afterthought.

The Arizona Caregiver Coalition administers the Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) Respite Program for the Department of Economic Security Division of Aging and Adult Services.  Qualified caregivers who complete the application process and meet the eligibility requirements are issued credit at a local, state-licensed adult day health program for $300 worth of respite services.

Adult Day Health Center Information

Adult Day Health Center Flyer List of Adult Day Health Centers in Arizona 

Arizona Long Term Care System - ALTCS

ALTCS (pronounced ALTECS) is an acronym for the Arizona Long Term Care System. ALTCS is an Arizona Medicaid program that is designed to help fixed income seniors and other disabled individuals afford the care that they need. ALTCS pays for the care that you need after savings are exhausted. The program requires an application and typically takes between 60 and 90 days for approval. Senior Planning is happy to assist you through the application process along with finding care.ALTCS Eligibility

The Arizona Long Term Care program is for seniors and disabled individuals that need long term care. There are two components to the application. The first is a financial assessment, determining whether or not the applicant can afford to pay for necessary care on their own. We are happy to go over your specific financial situation to determine whether or not you qualify. The second component is the functional and medical assessment, which determines whether a person is truly in need of long term care. Total need is determined by points with a successful application scoring 60 points or higher.

Free Services -

Senior Planning is paid commission for the care services that we find. We do not charge our clients for consultations about the ALTCS application or finding care for you. These services are completely free to you. We also offer more robust services for benefits assistance at extremely affordable rates.

Finding ALTCS Providers -

Senior Planning will also help you find the care you need, sometimes even when you are still waiting for the ALTCS application to go through. Senior Planning will work with you to determine what kind of care you need and what care solution will work best for you.